Dr. Constance Clancy-Fisher is a licensed and nationally certified mental health
therapist, hypnotherapist, life coach, author and public speaker. She holds a doctorate
degree from Nova University in Education and a masterʼs degree in counseling
psychology from Sam Houston State University. Dr. Clancy has had a counseling and
consulting business for over twenty years in Southwest Florida and she continues to
facilitate seminars nationally on managing stress and change.

Dr. Connie has focused her postdoctoral studies in the area of mind-body medicine,
stress management, weight and age management including:

-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
-Grief and Loss
-Guided Imagery
-Hypnotherapy including Past Life Regression
-Mind/Body/Spirit Retreats and Embracing the Gifts that Change Brings

Dr. Connie has authored two books and recorded a wellness meditation CD:
-Surviving Stress With a Healing Heart, Whitehall Press, 2002
-The Gift of Change, Balboa Press, 2013
-Meditation for Wellness CD

Dr. Connieʼs seminars focus on various topics related to our health and well-being
including embracing change in our lives. She also facilitates mindfulness meditation
classes in top health clubs and spas throughout the country.


Hypnosis for Change

Hypnotherapy can teach people how to master their own states of awareness. By doing
so they can affect their own physical and psychological responses. Some of the more
widely used hypnotherapy is for smoking cessation, weight loss, positive self-esteem
and motivation, goal-setting, athletic performance, and achieving inner peace. It is the
ultimate relaxation without the use of medications. Hypnosis is a safe and natural
progression to shift unwanted behaviors and habits to healthy new state.

Life Coaching

It is all too common to become stuck in a life circumstance and uncertain of which
direction to take. Consulting a professional for guidance who can provide useful tools to
assist in oneʼs decision-making can be a wise choice. Dr. Connie has assisted hundreds
of clients in helping them achieve their goals and maintain the healthy lifestyle they
were seeking.

Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is a technique that involves all the senses and is gentle yet a powerful
deliberate focus that directs the imagination. Guided Imagery assists in the
manifestation of oneʼs goals. It can be as simple as imaging getting a parking space in a
crowded parking area. Imagery can involve more complex levels using mind, body, spirit
and emotions. Because this right-brained activity results in a natural trance state using
sensory images, it can be considered a form of hypnosis. When using Guided Imagery,
Dr. Connie encourages the client to use their own imagination for each individual has
their own creative spirit which guides them.


Connie along with her husband, Robert Fisher, D.C., offer group and couples retreats
for understanding the nature of stress and change and the complexities that accompany
them. They facilitate ways to shift negative thoughts and programming to positive
thoughts and programming that aids in achieving the health, joy and abundance we truly
seek in our lives.

Microcurrent Technology for Cosmetic Enhancement

The intended use for microcurrent in aesthetics is to allow the clinician a powerful and
effective tool to help lessen the natural effects of aging. The appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles are diminished with improvement in the texture and appearance of the
skin. Dr. Connie and her husband Dr. Bob Fisher are trained in microcurrent technology.
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I have known Dr. Constance Clancy for many years as both a professional, and
as a friend. She is one of the most kind, compassionate, down to earth people I
have ever met. Her passion and desire shows in her work. She is a true
professional who cares about people, and is very easy to talk to. I highly
recommend Dr. Clancy for those who seek guidance and healing.

~ Glenn Klausner; Psychic Medium

Dr. Clancy is a great listener and is available for phone consults when I am
away and I cannot get into see her. I value her skills and insight.
- Diane F.

I am so glad that I have Dr. Clancy to talk to. She is compassionate and really
understands the frustration my illness brings on. She helps me get through
difficult times.
- Carol W.

I went to Dr. Clancy for three hypnosis sessions for smoking cessation. I was
open to it yet skeptical. I was a two pack smoker a day. I have not picked up a
cigarette in five years. It is one of the best investments I made in myself and to
my health.
- Bob F.

I had a past life regression session and I began to understand why some
current life situations were troubling. I now have some direction and guidance
on healing.
- Brenda C.

Dr. Connie facilitated one weight loss hypnotherapy session with me and I have
dropped 8 pounds in two months. I am very pleased and I have followed the
lifestyle change plan and I didn’t have to deprive myself of anything.
- Susie B.