Life enhancement coaching is a process of working with a supportive facilitator who can use various techniques to facilitate the process of an individual finding the best path for success for the challenges they are facing. It is solution-focused, where we look at what is best for you through discovering the deeper part of yourself. Coaching can help you in setting goals by taking action steps to achieve them in measurable ways. Coaching is about helping you achieve your greatest potential.

Why a coaching partnership may help you

As we go through life’s changes, we begin to question what is really important to us, and how we can best achieve our life’s dreams. There are challenges we all are currently facing, such as:

  1. Relationships with family and friends, marital harmony
  2. Financial
  3. Career
  4. Physical Fitness and Health
  5. Personal goals (learning, spiritual growth, personal achievements)
  6. Community service, contribution and legacy

When you partner with a life coach, you will have the support to assist you in achieving your life’s dreams and goals.

Below are some of the challenges that may motivate you to seek the support of a life enhancement coach.

  1. Relationships
    1. How content are you with the circumstances of your family life, is there a conflict with any family member that you wish to resolve?
    2. Is there anything you want to see differently in your family life?
    3. If you are with spouse or partner, are there any conflicts, if they could be resolved would make the relationship a more compatible one?
    4. Are you engaged in a healthy social life with people who care about you?
  2. Financial
    1. Most people never get to even the first stages of accumulating the wealth  they would like to have. Most of us are limited by our own beliefs about money and by the question of whether or not we deserve it. To become abundant we need to surface, identify, route out, and replace negative or limiting beliefs we may have about money.
  3. Career
    1. Have you lost your current employment and don’t know what to do next?
    2. Are there challenges in your work environment that make you feel insecure?
    3. Do you have a dream of a new career that excites you and you don’t know how get started?
  4. Physical fitness and health
    1. Are you facing health challenges and need guidance?
    2. Are there mental and emotional challenges that need to be resolved?
    3. Have you been through major changes that require you to re-invent yourself, i.e., divorce, recovery from addiction, loss of loved one, job?
  5. Personal Goals
    1. Help in identifying and achieving those goals most important to us.
  6. Community service, contribution, legacy
    1. Help in identifying and achieving goals in these areas


If you feel that you could benefit from one or more of the above, we can design a personal package that best enhances your needs. I offer a complimentary one half hour consultation to discuss the areas of concern and goals you would like to achieve.

We would then establish those areas in which coaching would be helpful.

Fee arrangements can then be discussed. Sessions are 50 minutes and are usually once a week.

About Constance Clancy-Fisher, Ed.D.

Dr. Connie is the author of The Gift of Change, Embracing Challenges Today for a Promising Tomorrow. Balboa Press, 2013. She has practiced as a licensed Mental.

Health Counselor in Florida since 1989. Her evolvement into Life Enhancement Coaching stemmed from her desire to facilitate people who are looking to achieve more deep fulfilling lives.

Dr. Connie has facilitated seminars in managing stress and healing throughout the country and she is available for speaking engagements and life enhancement coaching.

Dr. Connie now divides her time between Snowmass, Colorado and Captiva Island, Florida where she has lived for over twenty years. She lives with her husband Robert Fisher, D.C., her two Labrador Retrievers, Ana and Ari, and Snookie the cat.